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Ask an Artist: What’s Your Favorite Weber Color?

Ask an Artist: What’s Your Favorite Weber Color?

Recently the Weber team has been releasing short clips of the craftsmen here who want you to know what their favorite colors are in light of the Weber Free Color Upgrade. The recent videos have caused a lot of talk in the mandolin community. Jimmy Herman, an avid Weber collector and multi-instrumentalist for Carrie Underwood, caught wind of these videos and wanted to share his thoughts on the stunning Weber colors.

Jimmy began playing the fiddle at age four and was playing in bands by age seven. Herman has quite the musical background and is very particular with the instruments he plays. “If you have ever picked up a Weber instrument, you know the brilliance that it must have taken to create such a beautiful looking and sounding piece of art.  Bruce overlooks whatever his workers produce; sometimes making them redo pieces and steps until it meets his standards.  He is picky and precise.  He knows when that instrument leaves his shop, it has his name and reputation on it and if it's not perfect; it doesn't see the light of day,” says Herman. Jimmy who has quite a few Webers wanted to talk about his Weber Black Ice “Muley” F mandolin and his new Weber Desert Dawn “Wapiti” Octave.

For “Muley”, Jimmy and Bruce got together to find the perfect mix of  rock n roll and country in a mandolin. The beautiful instrument is equipped with a mule deer skull inlay on the headstock drawn by Weber himself and complete with a rock n roll color. The color of choice you ask? Black Ice. Black Ice is a visually breathtaking finish and is unlike any traditional mandolin you have ever laid eyes upon. The double stained back shows ever bit of the flamed maple in gray and charcoal tones and leaves you astonished. “I have used it on every tour, tv show, and album since it arrived at my doorstep,” Jimmy states.

As for his newest Weber obsession, Jimmy and Bruce created a completely custom vintage octave mandolin. This beauty features an elk skull inlayed at the headstock and elk hoofs for fret markers. The color he chose for this…drum roll please.. The Desert Dawn. “I chose a Satin Burgundy Burst. The burst is what I envision when I think of vintage mandolins, the finish guy over at Weber knocked the color out of the park! I’m calling this one “Wapiti”, said Herman.

Here at Weber the new Free Color Upgrade has inspired us. Now more than ever we are hearing what Weber lovers color choices are and what the color means to them. We encourage Weber fans everywhere to share what their favorite color is!