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Deepest Appreciation:

Please give my deepest thanks to everyone at Weber for making me such a remarkably beautiful instrument. Having had LaVerne for the better part of 10 days now, I've had the opportunity to play, inspect, and truly enjoy the work of your hands. I am so pleased with everything about my new OM ... the fit, finish, detail work ..... really .... everything. I can't a find a flaw on her, and she's just a joy to play and hear. I'm so happy, and I have ya'll (that's Southern for "each and every one of you") to thank. The enclosed photo was taken after we finished the last of 3 services on Sunday. I used LaVerne on 4 of the 6 worship songs we played. I'll send along a recording/video when I have the chance.

Again .... My deepest appreciation for giving me an heirloom instrument to play and to cherish.


Wood Nymphs:

Thanks very much for getting the Wood Nymphs to me so promptly. As promised, here are my opinions now that I have fitted them to two mandolins and tried them:

On my Weber Absaroka the result is pleasing. Though this mandolin never suffered a lot from "dirty" sounding notes due to "parasitic harmonics (I like this term!). In fact, I chose it {the Absaroka} for its very coherent sound - it does seem to now be clear of any. The visual appearance {of the nymph} is also good and I like the feel of the wood when I rest my hand there sometimes. There is a noticeable difference with the use of my electronic tuner ( I usually attach the microphone to the bridge when I tune. )

I fitted a Wood Nymph also to my Godin A8. Here the need was more dire - The A8 has saddle piezo pickups - one for each pair of strings. I experienced a lot of "dirty" notes, I think because the piezos are highly sensitive to both sides of the bridge, and there is no "natural" filtering of frequencies by the resonance of an acoustic chamber at this point in the bridge. I had the idea for something like the Wood Nymph already because of this. Anyhow, the difficulty was that the Wood Nymph's dimensions do not exactly suit those of the bridge on the A8, so I had to angle the Wood Nymph back about 45 degrees to get it to fit the strings. I have not yet tried it out in a loud, amplified, live performance yet ( which is what I have the A8 for ), but there is a perceptible improvement listening to the A8 acoustically and at lower volume. It would be nicer, though to get the Wood Nymph parallel to the bridge on the A8. Maybe a version of the Wood Nymph could be developed with adjustable, sliding grommets, to fit differently dimensioned bridges.
(we made a custom nymph for Peter that fit his Grodin string spacing)

I hope that this feedback is helpful.
-Peter, in Switzerland-  (who bought the first two nymphs)

"Our bluegrass gospel group recorded 6 new songs last night at the studio and I was really impressed the way the Nymph helped my mandolin. It really cleaned up the notes and sounded great."

- K. Keen -

"It looks very sharp, and does a great job of muting the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece.  Maybe the best thing though, is that it provides a nice reference point for the heel of my right hand to glide on while picking."
- Bill Rogers -

Custom Yellowstone:

I am writing to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with the custom Yellowstone, with wider nut, armrest and Radius pickup, which I ordered through Trevor at the Acoustic Music Co. It was delivered to me this morning and my first impressions are excellent. I have been playing an Absaroka for about 10 years and traded it in. Last week, I wondered if I had done the right thing because the Absaroka was sounding good. But the Yellowstone is in a different league. So thank you to all of you for building me this. I expect to play it for the rest of my life.


Custom Weber Mandola

I just want to say thank you for making me a custom Weber Mandola (that I just received from The Mandolin Store).  The instrument is stunning, a masterpiece of workmanship and design.  All my requests were completed flawlessly.  You even added a flower pot headstock logo, which I greatly appreciate.  Thank you!

Please give a big thank you to the craftspeople who made this instrument.  They did a wonderful job.  I am so pleased.  I have sent a thank you in the mail along with my warranty card, but I wanted to send a quick email here to tell you how pleased I am.

I'm the one who had to wait several extra weeks, but it was worth it, as I now have an instrument of great beauty and perfection.

In appreciation,


Vintage F Mandolin

Dear people at Weber,

Since a couple of days I am the lucky owner of a Weber Vintage F mandolin (9372710) and I am already deeply in love with its beauty. Having played the violin for about 20 years in my youth, nowadays - I am 61 years old - the mandolin is my favourite instrument. The reason for this change is that, due to permanent back problems as result of a  serious accident, I am no longer able to stand or sit more than a couple of minutes in a row. So most of the day I lay in a comfort chair. I found out that, other than the violin, the mandolin can be played while lying down. I have been playing the mandolin for some months now and it works out very fine. This was the reason to buy a (much) more expensive instrument this past week.
Your vintage mandolin has many of the nice characteristics of a lovely lady. She is very beautiful looking, mellow on the ear, mysterious in her complex tonality, forgiving, tender, warm, tempting and rewarding. She brings out the best of my possibilities and let me discover new ways of making music. The instrument is a sheer joy to handle and suits wonderfully my musical interests. I am mainly playing classical pieces, the Cello Suites by J.S. Bach for instance and music by Italian composers, like Vivaldi and Corelli. Most of it I played years ago on the violin. That is my favourite kind of music. Also I am experimenting with some of the Irish folk music and maybe eventually Bluegrass music.
Your mandolin has great versatility and accommodates different musical styles. Very often she persuades me to endless improvising on themes that spring to mind spontaneously. I am enjoying every minute spent playing this wonderful instrument, and that counts for a lot of minutes a day. Therefore I congratulate you with this instrument and thank you for developing and building it. 
With warm regards,

Yellowstone HT

I've been so enthralled with playing my new Yellowstone HT the last couple of days, that I basically forgot to get back and tell you about it.

I unpacked the box on Sunday/Apr1st, following an extended warming up period.  The case and instrument were in perfect shape, thanks to your sturdy box and packing.  My worries about it spending a crushing week with UPS, with a border crossing thrown in, were completely unwarranted it seems.

And the mandolin, wow, I can't begin to tell you how very pleased I am with it!  Your craftsmanship and attention to detail are extraordinary.
And the sound.  Well, it's quite simply... amazing.  My old F-9 (which, you may remember, I gave to my nephew) was an outstanding instrument, but I think the YHT is prettier and better constructed.  I also think it is slightly louder and brighter, although it's hard to compare from memory, what with the different strings, A vs. F, etc., etc.  One thing I am finding, however.... the radiused fingerboard and wider neck are turning out to be a real pleasure to play, and I am quite relieved that this decision turned out to be such a good choice.... well, for me anyway!

Again, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the skilled folks at Weber for crafting such a fine instrument, and I look forward to playing it with pride and pleasure for many years to come.

Cheers, best regards, and may God bless...



Just a quick note.  I bought a Bitterroot about 7 months ago.
Brand new.  You guys nailed it.  Whoever worked on this mandolin did wonderful work.  It is just now starting to open up, but from day one I could tell it was a special mandolin.  Thanks for giving a damn.


Weber people. I received my Gallatin Faded Leather mandolin this evening from Kyle at The Mando Shop. All I can say is...I am blown away. I don't know how you let these instruments leave the shop. The fit, the finish, the sound, the look, I can't say enough. Even though I had never played a Weber I knew of them. And I surely had never played a wide nut before. Takes a little getting used to but it is much easier to play than a traditional width nut mandolin. Great job on the mandolin. No, excellent job on the mandolin. She is a beauty and I've fallen in love already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless.


Happy Octave Owner

Hello! Just wanted to say that I've had the octave mandolin for about two weeks now (Bitterroot A style) and it is a fantastic
instrument. I am really impressed. It sounds awesome and is extremely versatile. It is a perfect accompanying instrument for vocals, Irish
whistles and so forth, and also is great for solos, improvisation and so forth. It has a wonderful rich sound. My only small suggestion is that
perhaps the arm rest should come standard; I've ordered one now (through Gladsville Guitar Factory, Sydney). It is slightly uncomfortable on my
forearm after playing for an extended period of time with short sleeves. However, it is a really beautiful instrument and I am very grateful for
your effort in making it. Thank you!