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Q. How do I change my strings?

  1. Bend the end loop of the string up, slightly before sliding it under the top of the tailpiece. This will help the string slide up the ramp easily.
  2. Then, with a slight rotation of the string, seat the loop over the hook in one motion. Check to insure that the loop is close to the bottom of the hook.
  3.  We recommend inserting the string from the bridge side of the tailpiece to avoid scratching the top of the instrument. If you need to insert the string from the back of the tailpiece, cover the top of the instrument with the suede cloth that came with your instrument (or another soft cloth) before inserting the string.

Q. Why is my instrument buzzing?

  • While played open:  action is too low, or nut/saddle slots incorrect (If you've recently changed your strings, make sure your saddle is not backwards).
  • While fretted a single fret:  the next fret is too high
  • Buzzes on frets 1-5:  truss rod needs to be loosened and adjust action.
  • Buzzes on frets 5-9:  truss rod needs to be tightened and adjust action.

Q. String goes sharp?

  • String is sticking in nut slot:  first try graphite (pencil lead) in slots- slot may have to be widened.

Q. String goes flat?

  • String is sticking in bridge slot:  first try graphite (pencil lead) in slot- slot may have to be widened
  • Machine heads may be worn and slipping.

Q. Intonation?

  • Bridge should be perpendicular to the strings
  • Check the average intonation of your instrument type Here.
  • If you've recently changed your strings make sure your saddle is not on backwards or that the bridge is not rocked or leaning forward
  • If, while fretted at the 12th fret: Plays flat: move the bridge towards the peghead. Plays sharp: move the bridge towards the tailpiece.

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Q. Are you hiring?

    •    Not at this time. Please visit our career opportunities page for more info.

Q. Where can I download a Weber Catalog?

    •    You can download a Weber Catalog by clicking the download link below:

Q. Artist Relastion Inquiries?

  • Thank you for your interest in Weber Mandolins. In order to qualify as a Weber Artist you must show proof of regularly scheduled performances or active work in the Music Industry. Please email artist relations to procure the 2018 - 2019 Artist Program overview.

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