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Benefits of Weber Tailpieces

Our tailpieces are cast from silicon bronze, or from stainless steel. The bronze tailpieces are finished with either gold or nickel plating, and the stainless are electropolished. Each tailpiece comes with metal endpin.

  • The strings are easy to change and the tailpiece will never rattle.
  • The string windings are covered so they will not shred your arm or shirt.
  • The extra mass of the cast tailpiece anchors the strings better and improves the tone of the instrument.

James Tailpiece

This innovative, classic looking design features a hinged cover with concealed latch. For ease of re-stringing, the cover flips up, allowing easy access to string ends, then flips down to hold string ends in place. When the cover is closed, the strings and cover are fully dampened from undesirable vibration.