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Body Sizes


Of course, the MANDOLIN is by far the most popular. It has a scale length of 14 inches, a body width of 10 1/8th inches and an overall length of 27 1/4th inches.


The MANDOLA is to the Mandolin what the viola is to the violin. It is larger with a 17 inch scale length, a body width of 11 1/8th inches and an overall length of 31 3/4th inches. It is tuned a fifth lower than the mandolin, typically to C, G, D, and A. 

Octave Mandolin

The OCTAVE MANDOLIN is just what the name implies, tuned a full octave below the mandolin, also tuned to G, D, A, and E. It typically has a 20 inch scale length, although Weber is able to also build them with a 22 inch scale length in our Custom Shop. The body width is 12 1/4th inches and overall body length measures 37 ½ inches.


The MANDOCELLO is the largest instrument in the Weber mandolin family. Like the cello is to the violin, so is the mandocello to the mandolin. It is the baritone/bass instrument in the ensemble. A full octave below the mandola, it is typically tuned to C, G, D, and A. Its scale length is 24 3/4 inches, its body width is 14 1/4th inches and its overall length is 41 1/8th inches.

Weber Mandolin Body Measurements

Body Shapes



The most popular traditional design is the F-style body with its ornate hand carved scroll. It takes a skilled, detailed woodworker to create and bind this intricate design. In the case of Weber, the scroll joins the instruments top and back in a hand carved swallow tail. Typically, the F-style has a wing on the opposite side of the scroll and a point at the lower bout to make it comfortable to hold. The F-style body is known for its punchy volume often referred to as chop.



A less intricate pear-shaped design is known as an A-style body. It is usually less expensive as it takes less precision woodworking skills. The body delivers a more mellow well balanced sound.