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Tim Thornton

Tim Thornton

"The Thorntons

Tim and Laurie Thornton live with their daughters Ellie and Emma and a black lab named Sampson in the mountain town of Woodland Park, CO, land of fly fishing, restaurants that go out of business in the winter, and an unusual convergence of kindgom-loving artists. They gasp at the beauty of Pikes Peak all year long and enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, camping, and the people around them. For Tim, a long day on the river with rod and net is about as good as it gets, and Laurie recently finished in her first half-marathon.


They make music with folky instruments and write songs that reflect their obsession with the kingdom, much like a man who once told stories about sons and coins and wheat and weeds and yeast and sheep. They recorded two Blackthorn Project releases, Until and The Bluing of the Sky before being featured on Enter the Worship Circle: Fourth Circle as songwriters and musicians/singers. They are currently releasing their own Simple Series, a song-by-song musical release which allows listeners to join the journey of music with the Thorntons instead of waiting for a polished final product. The  stories and scriptures that birth each Simple Series song are shared on the blog as each new song is released.

And More…

The Blackthorn Project is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Tim and Laurie Thornton in 2006 with the aim to help people encounter and be transformed by Jesus and the message of his Kingdom. They’ve been putting all they have into serving in that capacity since then, using their music and teachings to foster worship experience and connection where communities gather, whether the home, the church’s building, the music venue, or the mission field. What does that look like? Well, read our mission statement!

Why is it named Blackthorn?

The Blackthorn Project is named for the Irish blackthorn, the “tree of strife.” Blackthorn is the original Irish translation of Thornton (the co-founders’ last name), and the tree is symbolic of the enduring struggle against oppression and adversity.

Getting in Touch

You can contact us Tim and Laurie directly to bring The Blackthorn Project to your venue, fellowship, small group, or living room. You can book Tim and/or Laurie for your recording session. You can license our songs for your media or get permission to include them in your recording project."

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