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Smokey Neal

Smokey Neal

Leonard E. Neal........been "Smokey" since birth 3/13/48 Pastor: Grace Tabernacle...Beeville TX, been preaching 20 yrs.

Preach and play at least 7 services a week: 3 at Tabernacle 2 at nursing homes and 2 at the county jail which houses over 120 state and federal inmates. I've baptized folks as old as 92! a water trough!!!!! "Ribboncane"....our bluegrass group which plays at every service...........we don't even have a piano in the church. Have done street preaching, picking and playing in pickup beds at housing projects, flown missionary trips to Mexico, preached at city's of refuge, played and preached many funerals............really get funny looks when we play bluegrass at Catholic funeral masses!

I'm sure there's a lot I'm leaving out but I really don't have time to think as I'm also a used car dealer.

I'm the baby in our core group at 58! my fiddle player "Pee Wee" Pitmon is 72 and my lead player Vores Franks is only 80. We've got a "chicken eating" Methodist mando player who plays when he can and a Czech, Catholic, upright bass player who is also a college physics and math professor. By the way she is single and can bake that good Czech bread and pastries. We play several other church's, colleges and civic functions in south TX....too numerous to mention........... and of course we are cattle ranchers. I must mention my "glorious" wife Melissa whom I call "Mo".........(Mo-lissa) its a southern thing, y'all wouldn't understand. She's been the most beautiful thing in my life for 21 yrs. She's really the rancher as I'm a little short on time. Well I know this is long but I must tell you that 7 yrs ago we used to raise and breed quarter horses. On June 16, 1999 our prized stallion "Showtime" came over backwards on me and literally split me in half as in bottom half not connected to top! Pelvis split in two, spine ripped from pelvis, and right knee destroyed..........and numerous other injuries. They air lifted me out of the coral in a helicopter. Wasn't supposed to live or walk but by the Grace of GOD am doing both. Got lots of metal in me. And last but not least I've got the worlds best mandolin, its a Weber "Texas" Big Sky, and it'll blow doors off a 52 Buick! & nbsp; In Christ,

Bro Smokey Neal 1 Tim 1:15

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