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Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw

I play Irish traditional music, am originally from Ireland but have been living in Oakland, CA for the past few years. Came to the mandolin and traditional music late on, after many years playing guitar in punk bands. My '08 Custom Vintage A is my third Weber. My first one was an '03 Custom Aspen #2, my second one was an '08 Custom Gallatin F, which was an AWESOME mandolin. I'd still have it now if finances hadn't dictated that it had to move on to generate funds for the Vintage A - I have first refusal on it if the current owner ever decides to sell. I'd love to get a Bridger F someday as well, or a Bighorn.

I've been drawn to the Vintage A's for a while now, because of the old wood and classic looks - then after hearing sound clips of mine on Greg Boyd's website I knew I had to brainstorm a way to get my hands on it!

I perform solo at galleries and events, busk regularly in the good weather, and am trying to start a trad band and do some recording before the end of the coming year

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