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Scott Gates

Scott Gates

Scott Gates is a fun-loving boy who is also a remarkable musician. He began studying mandolin at age seven, after playing piano for a few years. Scott has extraordinary talent (possibly inherited from his grandfather, mandolinist Marco Manzo) and quickly outgrew his first mandolin instructor.

Scott's parents believe in doing everything they can to help their children develop their talents. While seeking the very best mandolin teacher for Scott they were told that world-class mandolinist, Evan Marshall, might be interested. Scott's dedication and talent impressed Mr. Marshall, who accepted him as a student and has been his primary instructor for over five years.

Scott has since played on Main Stages at many Bluegrass Festivals and Starred on America's Most talented kids TV Show on the NBC PAXX network, He has performed with David Grisman, Mike Marshall, Chris Thile and taken lessons from many greats of the mandolin World. Scott's passion for Blues, Jazz and Classical Mandolin as well as Bluegrass have led to him performing at venues with all types of musical emphasis.

Scott released his first CD "Legacy" on Manzolin Records in Jan of 2005 and it has received great revues. Scott plays a Weber Mandola on "North Shore" on this cd and really loves the throaty deep sound of his Weber Mandola. Scott's love of the mandolin and hard work with an outstanding instructor  have given him a mastery of the instrument few adults can claim. To learn more styles, he has also attended various mandolin camps, where he has had the opportunity to meet and learn from outstanding mandolin professionals, all of which led to his professional debut, April 26, 2003, at the age of 10.

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