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Russ Godfrey

Russ Godfrey

"Russ Godfrey is a seasoned veteran of the West Coast music scene.  He has been involved in folk music since childhood, through the influence of a family tradition going back several generations.  His first musical performances were as a drummer, but his passion for folk music soon took over and he has remained rooted in that musical world, performing in a myriad of bands since the mid 1970's.

In the early days of the burgeoning Seattle folk scene, Russ was a frequent performer.  He was a guest vocalist with the long departed but much-loved Irish/ American string band. The band featured Northwest folk music legends Frank Ferrel and Mark Graham.

He was also a charter member of the boisterous and free-spirited Lime Bay Mutiny.  Russ
currently plays mandolin and percussion with Victoria's Walter Bodega Band and plays a multitude of instruments including mandolin, octave mandolin, guitar and tenor guitar in Mandolirium as well as serving as the group's vocalist."

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