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Rich Rankin is a Chicago based writer, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist with an affinity for diverse genres and a combination of formal and self training that contribute to his unique style.
He has produced, recorded and performed on three award winning albums for Kindie artist Laura Doherty (In a Heartbeat, Shining Like a Star, Kids in the City) as well as for bands Charming Axe (Gathering Days), Curious Grace, and artists Linda Marie Smith (Mearra), Linda Robertson, Gayle Bisesi, Crawford's Daughter, Kym Franklin and for labels Old Town School Recordings and Rimjhim Records. He is currently collaborating on the debut album for a new artist from Ann Arbor. Over the course of his career he has also scored and produced ad music and also indie film work through Mosaic Music. Rich has over twenty five years of professional experience writing, playing, recording, mixing and producing music.

Self-taught on guitar, bass, keys, drums and sax, Rich later attended Northern Illinois University to study psychology and then Elmhurst College in Illinois where he earned a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Music Business. There he studied orchestration, classical guitar as well as percussion. In addition to producing and performing he also writes roots, rock, blues and soul driven tunes and has songs and scores placed in films The Legend of Bloody Mary (Lionsgate), Carpe Diem (indie), and If I Only Knew (indie).

Rich works mostly in his project studio and others, but also performs live with other artists and bands, sitting in with Americana style groups and doing un-plugged originals and covers. He performs regularly with Laura Doherty's band, having played a couple of years at Lollapalooza in Chicago. In his spare time he is currently teaching himself to play his newly acquired vintage Cellini accordion, enjoys photography and graphic design, writing, mentoring students and renovating his 1880's home with his wife Beth and their adopted cat Buddy.
Rich plays a Weber Bighorn mandolin, 1920's Regal traditional A mandolin, Taylor 714 guitar, Fender Jazz bass, vintage Clavietta and Cellini accordion, uke, and various keyboards, percussion instruments and other stringed instruments.

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