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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

"Kevin Jones plays several stringed instruments, has a very strong and precise voice.  He performs solo, duo, trio, and with The Kevin Jones Band  with some of the finest players in the world.   Kevin is a touring musician and has shared stages with national acts such as John Hiatt, Roseanne Cash, Bruce Cockburn, Joan Baez, Laura Love, Marc Cohn, Michael Tomlinson, & Catie Curtis. He has a complete recording studio that is used for his own music and other clients.

Kevin’s original lyrics are well crafted, and his guitar playing is world class.  His voice is powerful, gutsy, gracious and pure. He plays a variety of different guitars and has an extensive collection of standard and custom built stringed instruments. Among them are: Weber, Taylor, Gretsch, Godin, Hamilton, Fender, Kay, National, Silvertone, Michael Kelly, Trinity College, Kentucky, Lindert, Epiphone, Eko, Goya, Gibson, and Takemine.   He uses odd and low tunings to create a huge performance sound. 

Kevin has released 4 full length CD to date. His latest CD ""e;Winter Moon""e; was released May 2010.  All recordings are available at and all major music websites"

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