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Kenny Wilson

Kenny Wilson

I've been a musician my whole life. I play guitar and pedal steel guitar and have had the pleasure of performing or recording with such acts as Paulette Carlson of Highway 101, John Hermanson and Chris Cunningham of Storyhill, John McAndrew, and Becky Schlegel.

It was a recording session in Minneapolis with Becky that sparked the idea of me playing a reso-guitar. On that session I met Randy Kohrs who is a phenom on the dobro. He had made the switch from the pedal steel some years back. That planted the seed.

While on a ski vacation in March I stopped into Music Villa and started to play some of the reso-guitars on the wall. The sales person lead me into the "high end" room. That's when I fell in love! This is one fine instrument! I look forward to beiing great on this thing but even if I'm not, It's a blast! Thanks Weber!

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