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Justin Miller

Justin Miller

While still a kid, Justin enrolled in a seminar on orchestration and arranging. At the end of the course, the teacher reviewed several of Miller's exercises and said, "This young man had better find something else to do with his life; he has broken every rule of classical harmony and has no ear for music." Being a teenager, Justin took this to be encouragement and proceeded to earn a living writing arrangements for films, radio and television commercials, and a ballet. (Along the way he also earned degrees at Yale and the University of Chicago and wrote a slew of published articles on fun topics like "Class and Cultural Values in Family Process" and that lighthearted popular favorite, "Ubersetzen und Ubertragen bei Jung".)

Dr. Miller began interviewing many of the most important-and fascinating-figures in American popular song writing including Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, and Eubie Blake (then 98 years old). He knows -- and loves to tell -- the stories behind several hundred songs.

Justin has appeared on umpteen records playing piano, organ, nylon-string guitar and mandolin. Most of his instruments are custom-made to his specifications.

Beginning in 2002, he began touring extensively with his feature nylon-string guitar show. He has produced two guitar/mandolin/stories CDs and another is on the way.

Justin lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, Rosalind, an English mathematician who introduced him to Gentleman's Relish, Horlick's malt, and "proper" fried eggs.

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