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John ‘Tumbleweed’ Rosett

John ‘Tumbleweed’ Rosett

"I started playing guitar at 13, then banjo at about 18.  When I was 22, I bought an old Stradolin mandolin at a junk store in Florida.  Right away, I  knew I'd found my instrument.  I sold my banjo and devoted myself to the mandolin.

Early on I got hold of an old Homer and Jethro record, and Jethro Burns has been my main influence ever since.  I attended a week long workshop with Jethro in 1983, and did some lessons by mail with him for several years after that.

I have played mandolin in bluegrass, jazz, blues and country bands over the last 20  years. Probably the most well known was ""The Swingin' Swamis"", a honky-tonk/jump-blues band in Seattle from 1985-'91.  I played a solid body 5 string.  I also played in jazz singer Donna Smith's group in the 90's.  I'm now living in Missoula, Montana and playing in an alt/country band called ""Cash For Junkers"".  We have two CDs out so far.

I play a Weber custom Yellowstone and electric guitar.  I am completely in love with my Weber. I've played a lot of mandolins that cost 3-4 times that much, but I haven't played a better one than mine.  Now, if I could just get the Weber folks to build that semi hollow electric mandolin......."

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