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Graeme Stewart

Graeme Stewart

Graeme will be 14 in January and has been playing the mandolin since he was 9. He has been blessed with an amazing musical ear and sense of timing. He also flat picks the guitar, and plays some violin. Graeme's Dad is a wood carver and when he saw the Black Ice Mandolins that Weber was making, he was so amazed by the stunning beauty, art and craftsmanship that he had to jump at one for Graeme. We are so glad that we did and Graeme is enjoying it tremendously.

He sings harmony and plays the mando or guitar with his sister Emily (guitar, lead vocals) and brother Jeremy (acoustic bass or guitar, high harmony) as "The Stewart Family". They are asked to sing at various churches, banquets, gospel and bluegrass events.

When Graeme is not playing music, he enjoys doing math (!), hunting, trapping, hiking, playing shinny on the pond and doing woodworking with his Dad

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