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Gene Magallanes Rivas

Gene Magallanes Rivas

I love playing and singing songs with my Weber Custom Vintage F style Mandocello. The rich, deep tone and exceptional volume makes it stand out just right for a singer to control the band's tempo, well, at least until the banjo player kicks in. It sounds every bit as good as the Gibson's I played, and when I learned to play it more with a cello sound, than a mandolin sound, I appreciated it even more.

I have my roots in Lynwood, California, where Chris Hillman first made his appearance, and still enjoy jamming with my family there.

I play with friends and at a few festivals, like the Seattle Folk Life Festival. I write many of the songs I sing. They have a more folksy sound like from Gene Clark, and I always have fun jamming with new friends, and those just passing by.

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