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Daniel Fick

Daniel Fick

"My first real contact with Weber mandolins was at the IBMA festival in Nashville 2005. I instantly fell in love with the superb sound, playability and character of the Weber mandolins. The customer service I have received from everyone I've had contact with at ""Sound To Earth"" has been amazing.
I play a Custom Weber Yellowstone mandolin and a Weber Bridger style A octave mandolin.
I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I  currently play in two bands - ""Ficktones"" and ""Bluecrash"" + do ""stand-in"" work for other bands. Info about ""Ficktones"" is on my website and the address to the ""Bluecrash"" website is

The instruments I play are Guitar (started playing Guitar 1982), Mandolin and Banjo (4+5 string). I also play some Bass and Flute.  I've been playing Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo (4+5 string) and have been singing in various Country/Rock, Celtic, Jazz/Fusion and Bluegrass bands the last 15-20 years.

My main musical interests are American and Irish folk music, Country/Rock and Jazz/Fusion.However, I love to explore new territories and try to get insight in as many styles of music as I can.

The way I see it playing different kinds of music develops and makes me a more complete musician, the same way as playing Mandolin and Banjo helps me develop my Guitar playing and vice versa."

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