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Dan Franklin

Dan Franklin

Dan Franklin is a Los Angeles based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Ukiah California, Dan moved to L.A. to finish his bachelor’s degree in the heart of the music industry. Throughout the years, Dan has amassed a diverse list of clients and credits.

As a multi-instrumental performer, he’s spanned every genre, playing with everyone from Slash to Leann Rimes on every stage from theme parks to the Grand ‘Ole Opry. In addition to playing well with others, Dan also has his own project, ‘Dan and Leland’. Featuring guitar monster Leland Jackness, the duo is currently recording their fourth album which has a companion 200 page graphic novel they raised $32,000 on kickstarter to create. He has also released several singles of his own and has a popular YouTube channel at DanFranklinMusic featuring videos from his artist and Pretty Little Liars star, Sasha Pieterse.

On the production side, Dan has had his scores and songs featured on Fox, MTV, RTD, VH1, CBS, NBC, Comedy Central, as well as the big screen. An accomplished record producer, Dan has created albums for many independent artists including Dani Kerry (Disney) Common Shiner (Chicago) and Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars)


Dani Kerry, Back to the Water EP (2014)
Sasha Pieterse, No, Single (2013)
Dan Franklin, The Miracle You Are, (2013)
Nathan Shrake, In The Living Room (2013)
Common Shiner, Before They Sold Out, Vol 2 (2013)
Sasha Pieterse, I Can't Fix You, Single (2013)
Sasha Pieterse, R.P.M., Single (2013)
Sasha Pieterse, This Country is Badass, Single (2013)
Nathan Shrake, O Holy Night, Single (2012)
The Skullduggers, Staggers and Jags (2011)
Jordan Holder and the Current, EP (2010)
The Orange Effect, EP (2010)
Dan and Leland, Nothing Will Ever Be the Same (2009)
Jordan Holder, The Sun, the Moon, and What’s Left in-Between EP (2008)
Colin Blades (Doc McGhee Ent.), Demo (2008)
Dan and Leland, If the Moon Was Full (2008)
Johnny K, My Love (2008)
Lu Rain, Lu Rain EP (2008)
Ann Marie Boskovich (American Idol), Demo (2007)
Dan and Leland, The Rush of Sights and Sounds (2007)
Mandie Pinto, Where You Are (2007)
Nathan Winston, Altitude EP (2007)
Drew Davis (Doc McGhee Ent.), Demos (2006)
Dan and Leland, New Directions (2006)
Dan Franklin, ‘Til the Red Lights Fade (2003)
Alodiah, Alodiah EP (2003)​


AXE-COP, Rugburn, Composer
The Horseman's Apprentice (RFD), Composer
90210, CBS (2010), sync
Cartoon Hospital, Fox (2009), Composer
The Temp, NBC (2009), Composer
The Real World, Sydney, MTV (2008), sync
Lewis and the Last Laugh Squad, Comedy Central (2008), Composer
Rednecks in Space, 6PH (2006), Composer
Tank Tales, 6PH (2004), Composer
Where My Dogs At? pilot, MTV (2004), composer
The Aggronuts (2003), composer
At Any Cost, VH1 (2000), sync

Other Notable Highlights/Folks I’ve worked with:

Leann Rimes
Disneyland (music in the theme parks)
Guy Moon (Fairly Odd Parents)
Joel Goldsmith (Stargate SG-1, Witchblade)
Mike Elizondo
Josh Freese
Jennifer Paige
Bret Simmons (Megan Mullaly Show/Disney)
Molly Leikin
Grand ‘Ole Opry
Disneyland Band Leader
Knott’s Berry Farm
Kellie Coffey (BNA)
Steve Sulikowski (Universal)
Kerry Harvick (Lyric Street)
Aaron Lines (RCA)
John Angotti
Drew Davis Band
Kevin Dukes
Fletcher Sheridan
Nikki Horner (Lyric Street)

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