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Cliff Searcy

Cliff Searcy

"I grew up in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by wonderful accoustic music.  Dad gave me my first taste of music, learning to play guitar from the age of 7.  Mom filled our house with beautiful alto harmonies.  I played bluegrass music at Mars Hill College in North Carolina during the late 70's but had to put it on the back burner for nearly 25 years while I taught English, coached high school football and raised a family.  In the past three years I have been able to return to the music I love and play semi-professionally.

Realizing that every bluegrass band around was covered up with guitar players, I began to stretch out to bass, dobro, and mandolin.  I have been with Appalachian Fire for the past three years and settled in on the mandolin. Desiring to find that instrument that would meet my needs for a long, long time,  I purchased the Weber Bitterroot with that gorgeous satin finish.  It has the deep woody chop and sweet high end to be everything a mandolin is supposed to be...  I couldn't be happier.

Appalachian Fire plays regionally in the Western North Carolina area. "

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