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Ben Parker

Ben Parker

" I started really getting into music at a young age. My dad first introduced me to Pink Floyd, various jazz artists and yes, Genesis. It wasn't until I moved to North Carolina in 1991 that I was able to finally pick up an instrument I enjoyed. I started on saxophone and continued to grow fonder of Jazz until my high school years. During this time, I played guitar often, slowly picking and beginning to expand my creativity.     

In college, I continued my music by studying theory and playing mandolin. Mandolin has become my primary instrument. At Duke University, I formed a band, Paul Parker's Backyard Brew. We played through the triangle area and expanded our fan base quickly. I play in a style unbeknownst to many other mandolin players. In fact, I feel as if I have invented my own style of play. I am inspired primarily by artists such as Tony Williamson, David Grisman, and Sam Bush. However, my interests also range from Coldplay to Miles.

Playing with Run of the Mill has given me a chance to experiment with my musical writing. At the same time it has given me the chance to play and learn with Ben Walters, an exceptionally skilled banjo player. With the rhythm section we have put together, I feel like the sky is the limit. We have a great thing, and I want to show it to everybody."

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