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Weber Bitterroot Mandolin

Weber Bitterroot Mandolin

The Weber Bitterroot Mandolin is an instrument that boasts a distinctive and traditional appearance. Each model is equipped with an ivory bound top, Buckskin coloring and a silky satin finish. Tone and playability are at the forefront of these instruments’ ethos, with hand-graduated and -tuned solid Sitka spruce tops, radiused fingerboards and tonebar bracing on select models for emphasized bluegrass muscle.

American Toolbox wrote a review about a Weber Bitteroot Mandolin. The post is about his discovery of a mandolin room in a shop. After trying on and playing different mandolins he quotes that there was one he kept coming back to, "It fits like your favorite jeans." That mandolin was a Weber Bitterroot. "When I’m ready for an heirloom-quality instrument, increasingly it looks like I will choose the Weber F-Style Bitterroot mandolin.  For looks, sound, playability, resale value, workmanship, materials, you name it.  An average musician, which I am, will play better, sound better, and feel better. "

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