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One Ton Pig Announces New Album

One Ton Pig Announces New Album

One Ton Pig set to release newest studio album


Available June 9, 2015

For the band One Ton Pig, Lastville represents the apex of collaboration and the refinement of a unique approach to songwriting and musicianship. Following the critically acclaimed 2012 selftitled release One Ton Pig, Lastville undoubtedly raises the bar for a band that has been capturing regional audiences for more than eight years. 

As the first album to feature One Ton Pig in its current six-piece arrangement (Michael Batdorf vocals/guitar, Tim Farris vocals/mandolin, Justin Smith vocals/guitar, Matt Herron violin, Andy Calder bass , Jason Baggett on drums) Lastville drives to the heart of what makes the Pig’s live shows so successful – unmistakable energy.

Whereas most albums today are done one instrument or voice at a time, the band decided to record most of the tracks on this record simultaneously, bringing a unique “live,” element to the recording. This homage to a more traditional approach to recording could only be executed with the engineering talents of Ben Winship and his renowned Henhouse Studio. Final polishing to Lastville came from mastering ace David Glasser, a Grammy-winning engineer whose other clients include The Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, Hot Tuna, and Leftover Salmon.

In addition to quality production in the studio, front-man Michael Batdorf attributes Lastville’s cohesiveness to the band’s lengthy preparation for the project, “The most impressive thing about this album to me is the ease that went into the actual performance. This speaks to the fact that the songs were well rehearsed going into the studio and we were very efficient with our time.” Preparation bled into all aspects of the album and when it came to songwriting for Lastville, it’s clear each contributor (Batdorf,Farris,Smith) took time to develop their unique approach before anything was laid down in the studio.

Two songs stand out as representatives of the writing diversity on this album and capture the distinctive One Ton Pig sound:

“Lastville”, the title track written by Batdorf, picks up where so many One Ton Pig songs leave off and drives itself with a tight arrangement and conscious look at what Batdforf describes as “a town with a character that we are in danger of losing for good.” It is songs like these that have translated so well from raucous bar show to the intimacy of a recording.

“Mr. Mr.”, written by mandolinist Tim Farris, moves with ease as staccato mandolin perfectly intertwines with Jason Baggett’s rolling drumming as Farris lends the listener the perspective of a man who bemoans the difficulties of having grown up in a bygone era. The band’s vocal harmonies on “Mr., Mr.” swell in perfect parallel with the arrangement of the piece.

In addition to headlining shows at the Dillon Amphitheatre on June 20 and Jackson Hole’s Music In the Hole 4th of July Concert, the band will celebrate the release of Lastville at the famous Silver Dollar Bar in downtown Jackson, WY on June 9th. As the house band for more than eight years at this historic venue, it promises to be another lively show and a perfect way to celebrate another milestone for Jackson Wyoming’s One Ton Pig.


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