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NEEDTOBREATHE’s Bo Rinehart Talks Weber K&K Pickup

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Bo Rinehart Talks Weber K&K Pickup

Weber Mandolins announced at the beginning of August, the company would run a promotion for a free factory installed K&K Pickup upgrade to any new purchase. The promotion has been set to run through the month of August.

K&K pickups are made in Coos Bay, OR. Every piece and part is crafted in the USA. K&K has built a strong reputation on their authentic, high quality products, along with their compassionate customer service.

Weber Mandolins recently attended a NEEDTOBREATHE show and caught up with Weber artist Bo Rinehart. Bo Rinehart’s Weber Mandolin contains a K&K pickup. The artist expressed his love for his Weber and the K&K pickup within it, “Rarely can you find a pickup on any acoustic instrument where you don’t need to add any extra processing to get it to sound like what you hear acoustically, but with the K&K, I go direct from input. The K&K lets the audience hear exactly how I hear my Weber instruments when I am in my room writing songs on it. All of the warm tones and punchy textures that I love about my Webers are reflected beautifully in this pickup.”

Photo credit Robby Klein

NEEDTOBREATHE released their first studio album in 2006 and has been releasing successful albums since. The talented musicians are currently on tour now. Be sure to check them out!