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My Dog Ate My Mandolin: Part I

My Dog Ate My Mandolin: Part I

This guy looks pretty cute but he can definitely do some damage!

We received this insrument back from Kevin and this is what he had to say about what happened.

"I was changing strings and left the mandolin out; I never should have done that. The dog has chewed on things before. He was alone in the house for most of the day, so he had plenty of time. I just never thought about it at the time. I should have though. A few years ago I had an old fiddle sitting around ; it was my wife's. No strings on it. He chewed the headstock almost completely  off. I blamed it on my wife's playing. I told her that the dog was getting back at her for all the times she played off key; she didn't see the humor in it! The dog doesn't seem to swallow the wood. His bark is a little more musical now I've noticed."

While here its getting retopped.

Stay tuned for the final completed repair.