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Custom Instrument Profile: Cocobolo Yellowstone F Mandolin

Custom Instrument Profile: Cocobolo Yellowstone F Mandolin

To say the Weber craftsmen in Bend, Oregon craft truly unique and awe-inspiring instruments, would be an understatement. The majority of the instruments moving throughout the build incorporate some level of customization. Sampling from a seemingly unending palate of color combinations, bursts, intricate bindings, and artistic inlays, every Weber instrument in the build is highly unique. That said, there's a very conversation-worthy mandolin making its way through the build at the moment: a cocobolo Yellowstone F. 

What has been deemed the first cocobolo mandolin in Weber memory, this beautiful mandolin has all of the craftsmen very excited. "I'm not entirely sure what it will sound like," says Bruce Weber Jr., "but I think it will have an amazing tone." Another craftsmen noted, "It's going to have strong punch. It'll shoot through the stratosphere." 

The beauty of this wood is matched by the degree of difficulty in the build. Cocobolo can be a very tough wood to work with because it's so hard and dense. Bending, neck construction and building the body are making this mando one of the more challenging in recent history, but the extra sweat will just add to the uniqueness of the final instrument. Stay tuned for more images of this instrument in the build!

Detailed Specs:

Tuners: Nickel Grover

Fretmarkers:   Abalone, Small Buds. Bumble bee on the 7th fret.

Truss Rod Cover: African Blackwood

Back, Sides, Neck: Cocobolo

Top: Red Spruce