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Custom Instrument Feature: Chris Funk’s Octave

Custom Instrument Feature: Chris Funk’s Octave

"I've been playing bouzouki with The Decemberists and Black Prairie for some time now.  I had been wanting a more traditional "f style", carved top style instrument however. When I came to the Weber facility and played a Weber octave mandolin, I immediately knew I had to upgrade.  I requested them taking a chance on making the G and D strings as octaves instead of chorus for the more classic Irish bouzouki sound, as well as going for a deep traditional dark, haunting stain. The sound of these instruments are deep, throaty in the mid range with excellent, balanced high notes as well.  They were kind enough to add some custom inlays, for which inspired naming the instrument "The Dungeon Crawler.”  It features a bat on the headstock (my favorite creature) and the fretboard is inlayed with amazing looking "d20s", which is a true symbol for those of you like me that love to game.  

If you are a mandolin player you need to expand your collection and grab one.  If you are a guitar player, you will immediately respond to the similar range this "big mandolin" has to offer while challenging your finger memory on a new and inspiring instrument.  I'm very excited about taking this out on the road this year with The Decemberists and thankful to the staff on the custom collaboration!  To the dungeon!"

-Chris Funk


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