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Annie Lawrence Launches New Album

Annie Lawrence Launches New Album

Annie Lawrence is a talented musician and singer-songwriter based in Franklin, TN.  On November 10, Lawrence released a new album and told us all about it.

Weber: What does the release of this new record mean to you?
Annie Lawrence: I am overjoyed to release my new record, Everything Changes because it is a completely new sound and vibe, that I have continuously been crafting over the past three years.  I wanted to make sure that whatever music I released next, was solid all the way through the record.  My hope was that this album would be one where the listener walks away with potentially all of the songs stuck in their head, not merely a record that had one or two good tunes.

Weber: What can people expect from this album?
AL: Though it is hard to encompass the full feel of this record through words, these songs have a pop base with influences of folk and tasteful notes of country found throughout the record.  I believe these songs bring a very unique sound to the music industry and I cannot wait to share them with the rest of the world!

Weber:  You have some great people that worked with you!
AL: I was blessed to have a stacked house of all-stars working on this record.  Grammy-nominated artist Natalie Grant is featured on the title track.  Worship Duo All Sons & Daughters are featured on the track that I wrote with Leslie Jordan (of All Sons & Daughters).  Players on the record include Bernie Herms (Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand, Braid Paisley), Mike Meadows (Taylor Swift), Amos Heller (Taylor Swift), Nathan Gehri (John Hiatt), and Charlie Judge (Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood), to name a few.  The album was produced by Dan Fernandez, mixed by Sean Moffitt and Neilson Hubbard, and mastered by Dave McNair.

Weber: What were the inspirations on this album?
AL: The main themes found through "Everything Changes" are heartbreak, perseverance through life-shattering times, and holding on to hope.  The title track of the record is a song that talks about my journey through cancer.  At 23, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it was by far one of the most difficult, frightening, and challenging moments of my life.  This song talks about hearing a life-shattering news, sitting in a place of frustration and doubt, and moving forward into hope.  My hope with this record is that others would relate to the songs, be encouraged to persevere, and find hope no matter what difficulty they might be facing.

Weber:  You've been on tour.  How has it been?
AL: The tour so far has been incredible!  Most of the shows on this tour thus far have had a very intimate feel.  I love this because one of my favorite parts about sharing my songs is telling stories, and meeting and interacting with fans at shows.  We have a few more dates lined up on the east coast this fall, and I'll be heading to Texas and Virginia again in late winter/early spring.

You can download  Everything Changes on iTunes.

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