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General Information

The Weber Wood Nymph is designed to reduce the unwanted harmonics that are produced by the strings between the bridge and tailpiece of acoustic instruments.

This is important for professional musicians who record in sensitive studio settings – and for any player who wants the best tone from their instrument.

It is also easier to use an electronic tuner when a Nymph is installed, because parasitic harmonics, which often cause the indicator to oscillate, are reduced.

The Wood Nymph snaps onto the strings and is easily installed and removed.

The Wood Nymphs are designed to fit the string spacing of Weber mandolin, mandola, octave, mandocello and archtop guitar saddles. The string spacing, measured from the middle of the bass strings to the middle of the treble strings, is 1 3/8" for mandolins, 1 1/2" for mandolas, 1 3/4" for octaves, 1 13/16" for mandocellos, and 2 3/16' for archtop guitars.

The Nymph may fit other saddles if they are close to this spacing. If the string spacing is wider, the Nymph can be installed closer to the tailpiece. If the string spacing is shorter, the Nymph may be angled slightly to fit.

Installation Instructions

Install the Wood Nymph on the strings, halfway between the bridge and the tailpiece. Spread the treble set of strings and slide the grommet down between them. Release the strings when they are in the grommet groove. Repeat on the bass set of strings. The Nymph may be angled slightly to match your string spacing.

Slide the Nymph into a position behind the bridge that is comfortable for your playing style. Do not touch the bridge or the saddle with the Nymph.