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Weber 20th Anniversary


Weber’s 20 year journey was fathered by a dedication to the traditional 8-string sound, design and craftsmanship. It all began 10 years earlier when Bruce Weber Senior joined the Flatiron Mandolin and Banjo Company in Bozeman, Montana around 1987, just before Flatiron was purchased by Gibson Guitars. In 1996, Gibson decided to move Flatiron/Gibson mandolin production to Nashville. Wanting to stay in his Montana homeland, Bruce left Gibson in March of 1997, and created Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments in his barn, just outside of Bozeman, Montana.

By 1998, 20 different models of traditional 8-string instruments had been designed including mandolins, mandolas, octaves and mandocellos, all handcrafted with the traditional artistry and design of early 20th Century instruments. By the turn of the century Weber had earned a reputation as handcrafting the finest custom traditional instruments in America. Bruce Weber and Two Old Hippies Guitars owner, Tom Bedell met in 2011, and it was clear they were kindred spirits. They shared a passion for building extraordinary instruments here in America and a similar philosophy in how they respected and cared for their teams. In 2012, Weber officially joined the Two Old Hippies Guitars family and the following March, Weber craftspeople relocated from Logan, Montana to Bend, Oregon.

Twenty years after its humble beginnings, Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments is flourishing. Building 8-string instruments for artist including Sierra Hull, Jimmy Herman (Carrie Underwood), Bob Minner (Tim McGraw), Gene Elders (George Strait), and many more. Weber craftsmen continue advancing their woodworking, hand tuning and finishing skills. And the ethical sourcing of all woods supports Two Old Hippies Guitars dedication to using no clear cut trees in any of our handcrafted Made in USA instruments.

The 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Weber Mandolins

The team at Weber is proud to introduce two new limited run mandolin models to commemorate 20 years of craftsmanship and dedication to making the finest mandolins available. These new limited edition instruments elaborate on two of the most iconic Weber designs: The Bitterroot F and Yellowstone F models. Our craftsmen have accentuated these classic models with an assortment of upgrades sure to make these instruments the pride of any mandolin collection.