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George Lane

George Lane

My name is George Lane and I live in Helena, MT. I'm and extremely lucky man; not only do I only live 70 miles from the Weber shop, I work as a photographer at the newspaper in Helena. It was through my job that I met Bruce - I did a story about him and his guitar line in 2005. After talking with Bruce about mandolins (I had just started to take mando lessons) I told him of my idea for my perfect mando. He said that when I was ready, he would make it.

Well, I made the plunge and was fortunate enough to be there and help pick out the top, back, rims and neck (I'm especially proud of the tapered peghead). And as you can see, it's a beautiful instrument and it sounds great (love that cedar top). I want to thank Bruce and all of his staff for creating a family heirloom.

God Bless

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